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Upcoming Training Events
This event is currently waitlisted - all open spots have been filled
Understanding ADA  - February 7, 2018

The goal of this course is to teach transit professionals the legal background of ADA and paratransit requirementsThe course is facilitated by industry professionals with extensive experience in paratransit services and the ADA. Audience: This course is intended for people who work at a transit agency or provide transit service, those who manage or operate paratransit services, and Federal, State, and local representatives who work with the ADA community.

Event details


This event will be held at the RTA of Central Maryland offices located at 8510 Corridor Road, Suite 110 Savage, Maryland  20763 from 10 AM - 2:30 PM. This training is free to all TAM members and will include a lunch provided by TAM. We ask that TAM members refrain from registering more than 3 individuals from their respective organizations.

. Topics include:

  • ADA legal requirements that apply to public and private transportation related entities
  • 14 service provisions documented in 49 CFR Part 37, Subpart G
  • Requirements to determine if a public or private entity must provide complementary paratransit service
  • Criteria for complementary paratransit service
  • Requirements for existing and new transportation facilities
  • Compliance and enforcement responsibilities of FTA, DOT, and DOJ
  • Responsibilities and compliance procedures for public and private entities
  • Enforcement and investigation processes, including hearings, decisions, and notices

It is recommended that you complete this course before attending other ADA-related courses.


Register at no charge by visiting the course page: https://ce-catalog.rutgers.edu/courseDisplay.cfm?schID=67634

Scroll to the bottom and click on “Register/Sign in Now.” Enter your information.Then you need to follow these directions to register:

  • Scroll to the bottom again and check off the appropriate box for the fee/no fee.
  • Click “Add to Cart.”
  • If there are more than one course you would like to register for, continue shopping,
  • If not, click “Checkout.”
  • BEFORE you click “Place Order,” you must check the terms and conditions box.
  • Click on “Place Order;” there is your receipt. 
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you.

To register multiple persons from the same organization:

  1. At the bottom left corner of the course page, once you have already made an account for yourself, you will see the following:

  1. Click ‘Need to register for someone else? Click here’
  2. You’ll be taken to this page:

  1. Click ‘Add New Member’
  2. You will then be able to add in the new member’s registration information. You will have to use a different mailing address than you used for your initial registration.
  3. Once this is done, you can go back to the registration page and you will see the following at the bottom:

7. Select the name of the person attending and complete the registration process!

TAM Training Calendar
No upcoming events in this date range.
Mission Statement: The Training Committee, serving as the voice for its members, will provide education and training opportunities, as well as tools to enhance safe, accountable, flexible, and efficient transportation services within the state of Maryland. TAM training goals are to:

1. Develop and implement training initiatives that will foster teamwork, providing forums for TAM members to network and gain information to help them improve internal and external customer services.
2. Partner with the MTA by identifying RTAP training and initiatives.
3. Make sure initiatives are delivered in a timely manner.
4. Be proactive and not reactive in identifying and delivering training initiatives to enable TAM members to operate efficiently.