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TAM's 30th Conference

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make our 30th annual conference a success - especially all of our Attendees and Exhibitors! Special thanks to our partners at MTA/MDOT for their support, to our event managers at AHI Meeting Services, and to the great staff at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club. We will be posting copies of presenter's presentations here as we receive them. Make sure to check out the TAM Facebook page for photos of our conference & award winners!

Presentation Copies:

The Perception Pyramid - Presented by Gerry Sandusky

Understanding ADA - Presented by Mike Noel

Building, Sustaining, & Developing a Driver Workforce - Presented by Caryn Souza of CTAA

Compliance Review - for Non-profits - Presented by Sue Knapp of KFH

Safety & Transit Asset Management Workshop - Presented by Margaret-Avis Akovio-Sowah and John Gasparine of WSP. 

Thank you to all of our sponsors!