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Anthony Poponi - Keynote Speaker

The Pendulum Swings Back to People: Engagement, Meaning and Culture in the Workplace

We are more connected than ever in the era of the digital workplace. The problem: humans aren’t digital. We are less connected to what really matters more than ever. We’re losing our ability to share, to trust, to bond, to laugh. We don't gather in groups, we volunteer less and we don't know our neighbors or our colleagues; it's weakening our communities, our families, and our health. Your workplace is your community and understanding the importance of human connections impacts your people, productivity, retention and most importantly, happiness!

Workshop Session - Wednesday, September 18 - 10:15 AM - 12:00 PM                                                             

The Neurochemistry of Trust, Talking and Tribe:Unlocking Talent and Inspiring Teams

What if we unlocked the full potential of people, partnerships and relationships? Imagine it: fully engaged employees as part of high-functioning teams in a high-trust workplace. There is reason to be optimistic. The truth about change: it’s often uncomfortable; but it’s also incredibly empowering. Filling the gap between today’s reality and tomorrow’s desired outcomes are the special sauce of this workshop.

Together we’ll explore how our workplace must provide meaning and happiness. We find meaning in work environments that allow us to access our strengths and values, where we can put those abilities in motion to serve others. The result is a passion for work that is infectious. Happiness comes from working with the right tribe in a high-trust environment where vibrancy, vulnerability, transparency and recognition stoke the flames. The outcomes are incredibly inspiring and kick-start cycles of trust, mutual respect, teamwork and productivity

About the speaker:

Anthony Poponi is the Chief Happiness Officer and Keynote Speaker. His mission is to reclaim a joyful workplace by inspiring leaders to foster
community, spark laughter, and create a culture employees will rave about. In a galaxy far, far away - in another lifetime - Anthony served as a non-profit fundraising ninja, marketing mastermind and sales savant. He now spends his time as Special Projects Manager for the Gunnison Valley Regional Transportation Authority in Colorado. Throughout his professional career, Anthony has always been a strong communicator and favored roles where he entertains and inspires. Anthony uses his inner-networker as a catalyst for collaboration, engagement, happiness and meaning. He does it all with an authentic personality and always weaves humor into everything he touches.