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TAM 2017 Conference & Expo - September 26 - 28 in Ocean City, MD

The TAM Conference & Expo Survey is live! Complete the survey for a chance to win a discounted 2018 Expo attendance!



TAM would like to send a big Maryland THANK YOU to everyone who helped make the 2017 TAM Conference & Expo a success!

We would especially like to thank the following people whose efforts went above and beyond the call:

Conference Sponsors







Partnership Support Sponsors




  • Kevin Cerrone, VP of TAM, Chairman of the Expo Committee
  • Gary Blazinsky, President of TAM
  • Caia Coffee, TAM Administrative Assistant
  • Sandy Wobbleton, Secretary of TAM, Chairwoman of the Awards Committee


  • Jim Raszewski, Director of the Office of Local Transit Support
  • Jeannie Fazio, Deputy Director of the Office of Local Transit Support

Thanks for making this our Biggest Conference Ever!

Check out Conference & Expo pictures on TAM's facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TAMofMD/