Keynote Speaker- Robert Heath

Presenting Robert Heath, CEO of Legacy Leadership Consulting | TAM's 2022 Conference Keynote Speaker  
Thriving Not Surviving Chaos: How to Beat Burnout!

Are you tired of feeling like every day you work hard and get a ton of things done but your inbox is never empty? It doesn’t matter how many fires you put out, there are always more, and they are usually the same types of fires, over and over!

Do you often tell yourself you just need to power through, but deep down you know that is not the answer? Are you constantly facing the decision to sacrifice what you want in order to take care of others? Do you feel like any day now you just won’t want to do it anymore? That it’s not a question of if, but WHEN YOU WILL BURN OUT, AND THAT IS REALLY STARTING TO SCARE YOU?

Robert helps attendees imagine what life would be like if they could get what they wanted and take care of those that they care about. He uses a rhetorical Q&A process to provoke the audience to think about the following:

  1. How would it feel if they could wake up every morning excited about their day because they knew that it was filled with things that moved them closer to their goals?
  2. What would it be like if they didn’t have to empty their cup to fill the cups of others?
  3. What would it be like to feel professionally and personally fulfilled, successful, rested, happy, and balanced every day?

Robert shows participants that what they want is within their reach. They don’t have to keep feeling like they have to be superheroes. In this session, Robert shows the audience how to live a life where they can have balance, feel fulfilled, and still achieve at a high level. By teaching them to get more done in less time and stay focused on what is important, they will be able to leverage the power of consistency and efficiency to exponentially increase their results in a short amount of time and improve their company’s bottom-line. They will be able to perform like the super achievers we all admire and get more done with less time and more fulfillment.


Vendor Presentations
For the first time at the TAM Conference, we will be hosting all of our exhibitors as they present short, informative presentations to our attendees in an intimate classroom setting. Each exhibitor will have 10 minutes to conduct a short presentation and Q&A session with attendees. Attendees will be able to see the schedule of exhibitor presentations and visit the ones that most interest them. For more information (for exhibitors), please see our exhibitor presentation page here.

ADA Hot Topics
By taking this course, attendees will learn information about the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, including information about the reasonable modification rule, service animals, and other grey areas within the ADA.

TAM Maintenance Workshop - Lift Maintenance and HVAC
Join representatives from industry experts for the Maintenance Workshop. The workshop is a day dedicated to bus maintenance and bus technologies. Take advantage of the opportunity to interact with and learn from your maintenance peers and other associated transit professionals.  We will cover maintenance strategies for: 

  • Wheelchair lift/ramp troubleshooting and preventative maintenance overview
  • Basic HVAC safety concerns, equipment & tools, electrical & mechanical safety issues, temperature, pressure and systems while working on transit buses 

This session involves hands on diagnostic information and training.

Transit Accounting 101
This session will help attendees to:

  • Develop and monitor your annual budget
  • Ensure expenses are in line with your budget
  • Obtain funding from a variety of sources
  • Understand Federal Transit Administration (FTA) requirements for Section 5311 subrecipients
  • Understand strategic planning as a key element of budget development and financial management

Conflict De-Escalation
Conflict is an unfortunate fact of life for the community transportation industry, and responsible organizations must take appropriate steps to teach employees (especially drivers!) how to prevent conflict from escalating into potential violence or abuse. This session will, amongst other topics, cover:

  • Defining the terms 'Conflict' and 'De-escalation'
  • Identify situations that can cause passenger frustrations and recognize ways to reduce stressors
  • Demonstrate techniques to defuse stressful situations to achieve positive outcomes
  • Interpret state laws and agency policies with regard to difficult passengers and situations 


Mental Health, Wellness, and Resilience for Transit Workers
Transit system workers have traditionally been subject to chronic and acute stressors that can contribute to mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, burnout, and post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD). In turn, these issues can lead to increased risk of injuries and chronic diseases, workplace dysfunction, safety issues, presenteeism, absenteeism, turnover, and cost impacts. The emergence of a novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, and the ongoing pandemic add another layer of stressors on essential workers including transit system workers. This session will recommend best practices for transit systems to support the mental health of transit employees (including programs, outreach, education, and bargaining).

Effective Time Management
Effective time management skills help professionals make better decisions, meet deadlines, and achieve their goals. Learn how to manage your time and develop your own personal action plan in this workshop.

Transit Route Planning
Service and operations planning for transit is not typically taught in school, so it tends to be somewhat of a black box for trained planners and members of the public alike. While transit planners all over the world have developed sophisticated methods of planning and evaluating transit, the principles of service design remain relatively simple.

In this session, we will review the principles of transit service design and how to allocate and account resources

Equity in Transportation
This workshop will provide historical context on the role past transportation decisions have played in creating and maintaining inequities, offer academic perspectives on practices to promote a more equitable transportation system, and provide an opportunity for Transit professionals to discuss how their organizations can advance equity in its practices.

TAM Member Presented Sessions
Once again, TAM will be hosting informative sessions presented by our member agencies. Those interested in presenting such sessions can find more information, as well as the application form at

Mandatory MDOT/MTA 5310 and LOTS sessions
Our partners at MDOT MTA will be hosting mandatory LOTS and 5310 sessions on the final day of our conference. Topics to be covered are yet to be announced, but typically focus on grants, regulatory compliance, reporting, and other aspects of transit management and compliance.