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TAM Board of Directors

Front Row, left to right: Semia Hackett, Suzanne Kalmbacher, Gary Blazinsky, RenĂ© Benjamin, 

Kevin Cerrone Back Row, left to right: Rob Hart, John Duklewski, Will Kenlaw, Rick Gordon, Sandy Wobbleton

(not pictured: Mary Ann Blankenship, Laura Bristow, Dorothy Hersey, Travis Johnston, Jim Martin, Nancy Norris)


TAM Board of Directors


Gary Blazinsky; Administrator, Harford Transit LINK

Vice President:

Kevin Cerrone; Director, Washington County Transit


Rob Hart, Executive Director,  Worcester County Commission on Aging


Sandy Wobbleton, Transportation Division Chief, Calvert County Transportation

At-Large Directors:

Mary Ann Blankenship, Transportation Supervisor, St. Mary's Transit

Laura Bristow, Executive Director, Action in Maturity

Rick Gordon,Director, City of Annapolis Department of Transportation

Semia Hackett, Deputy Associate Director, Prince George's County DPW&T

Dorothy Hersey, Transportation Manager, Towson University

Suzanne Kalmbacher, Transit Chief, Cecil County Transit

Will Kenlaw, Program Manager, Montgomery County Transit Services

Jim Martin, Vice President of Commercial Sales, American Bus Sales


John Duklewski, TAM Executive Director

René Benjamin, TAM Executive Assistant

Nancy Norris, Director,TransIT Services of Frederick County

Travis Johnston, Director of the Office of Local Transit Support, MDOT/MTA