The Annapolis Department of Transportation (ADOT) has come up with an innovative way to provide bus operators with some additional protection while operating their vehicle during the Coronavirus pandemic.  ADOT Bus Operators have already been issued gloves, face coverings and hand sanitizer.  After seeing the story about Jason Hargrove, the Detroit bus operator that lost his life to COVID-19, ADOT Director Rick Gordon challenged his staff to come up with some additional protection measures for its operators.  Adonis (Grip) Bishop, Facility Maintenance Technician for the Department of Public Works, came up with the idea of using Plexiglas to separate the bus operator from passengers entering the bus.  Adonis has been assisting ADOT with parts supply since the ADOT Parts Specialist has been out on extended sick leave. He has cut the sheet so that it could be fitted around the driver’s cabin and not interfere with the driver or passengers entering the bus.  Installation has begun on the small buses, starting with the paratransit bus. ADOT are looking at a similar solution for the larger buses. Using the Plexiglas  is significantly more cost effective than purchasing and installing equipment designed for added protection and it does not impede the drivers visibility or operational effectiveness like the shower curtains that some agencies have used to provide protection.