The Transportation Association of Maryland, Inc., (TAM) is the only statewide member-driven organization in Maryland dedicated to improving community transportation in Maryland. Our membership support and MTA partnership enables us to carry on our work: hosting networking and training events, engaging in political advocacy, serving as a source of education and information for our members, and recognizing and encouraging excellence in Maryland transit.

Before TAM, Maryland’s local transportation providers and human service organizations were isolated from one another. TAM provides a forum for our member organizations to exchange valuable information, insight, and best practices with one another, through events like our annual conference, legislative reception, and general meetings. Our Board of Directors, broadly representative of Maryland community transportation, helps the MTA ‘push through’ information on grant opportunities, regulations, and training opportunities.  TAM fosters a spirit of cooperation between our vendor members and our transportation providers by providing opportunities to meet and exchange information, in both business and social environments. 

TAM’s close contact with its members enable it to identify training needs and serve as the organizer and provider of these opportunities. TAM regularly conducts surveys of its membership and plans training activities throughout the year accordingly. TAM helps transit organizations fill needs they lack the time or resources to fill themselves.

TAM is an independent voice on behalf of our members. We oppose legislation harmful to community transportation and work to increase the financial resources and decrease unnecessary regulatory burdens upon our membership. We work to help legislators understand the needs of their transportation providers and provide a counterweight to opposing claims and interests.

TAM uses its website, email activity, and social media presence to keep its members informed about current events, opportunities, and to promote member activities. In recent years, TAM has increased member engagement through its website and social media activity by an order of magnitude over previous years.

Without the support of our members, TAM would be unable to continue the progress it has made in strengthening community transportation. TAM would have to curtail or cutback its operations severely, lay off staff, and significantly reduce the value we provide to our members. Your support enables TAM to strengthen its sustainability and continue to work with our local, state, and national partners to achieve our mission “To strengthen community transportation in Maryland through advocacy and professional development.”