Thank you to all that submitted nominations for the 2021 TAM Excellence Awards!

The TAM Excellence Awards ceremony will take place during our annual conference on September 22 aboard the Raven at the Annapolis City Dock. The categories and descriptions of this years awards are as follows.


The TAM Outstanding Transit System Award honors a TAM Transit System (a full member) who has demonstrated achievement in efficiency and effectiveness. 

The TAM Outstanding Non-Profit Agency Award recognizes a non-profit community transportation provider that has distinguished itself in the service it provides. Only Non Profit TAM member organizations are eligible for this award.  

The TAM Unsung Transit Hero Award recognizes an individual who has distinguished him or herself in the past year as an exceptional staff member of a TAM member agency.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed unprecedented strains upon our communities, our organizations, and our essential workers. Transit workers are performing on the front lines of this struggle every day, serving their communities and ensuring community access to mobility. Who is your organization's essential hero that has demonstrated their commitment to go above and beyond during this time?  

The TAM Driver of the Year Award recognizes a driver who has distinguished him or herself in a full-time driving capacity (at least 75% of their duties must be those of a transit operator) of a TAM member agency. 

The TAM Outstanding Leadership Award recognizes an individual who has distinguished him or herself in the past in an executive capacity of a member agency.