Membership Types

Full Member:
Consists of public or private entities directly involved in coordinating, brokering, or providing public transit or para-transit services, or human service transportation within the State of Maryland. This class is entitled to vote and serve as Directors and Board officers. The dues vary based on the entities operating budget:

  • Less than $1 Million: $900
  • $1 - $3 Million$1,100
  • More than $3 Million: $1,400

Associate Member:
Consists of public or private organizations, entities or individuals (i.e., suppliers, vendors, planning agencies, consultants, rideshare programs, intra- and inter-city bus companies, taxicab companies or other classes) who have a business or professional interest in public transit or para-transit activities. This is a voting class and is represented by a voting Board member chosen by the Associate Membership.  The annual dues are $500.

Community Member:
Consists of state or local private nonprofit organizations involved in providing community services and not otherwise eligible for full membership.  This is a voting class and is represented by a voting Community member representative elected by the general membership. The annual dues are $200

Individual Member:
Consists of individual persons, not otherwise eligible for membership, who support the goals of the association.  This is a voting class but is not eligible to serve as a director or Board Officer.  The annual dues are $75.