The TAM Spring General Membership Meeting will be held virtually (through the Zoom meeting platform) beginning on Tuesday, May 11, 2021. This meeting will include a full Board of Directors meeting, election results for the Board of Directors, and a session on Conflict Management and De-Escalation, presented by Ream Lazaro. On Wednesday, May 12 MDOT/MTA will host an Asset Management Workshop and Safety Management Training.  New this year is the addition of two CTAA trainings: Passenger Assistance Safety and Sensitivity (PASS) Training on Wednesday, May 12 and Grant Development Training on Wednesday, May 19.

How to Register

Registration for all training is free for TAM members.  Spaces for the PASS training on May 12 and Grant Development workshop on May 19 are limited and must be registered for separately from the May 11-12 meeting. The registration link below also registers you for the MDOT/MTA trainings on May 12.

Click here to register for the May 11-12 General Meeting.

Meeting Agenda

General Membership Board Meeting - May 11 

TAM's General Meetings are opportunities for our members to come together as an organization, learn about TAM's current status and plans, and help decide the future of the organization. During the Board meeting portion of the meeting, our Committee chairs will give reports on the activities and status of TAM's efforts in various arenas, including training, member services, government affairs, and events like the Roadeo and Fall Conference. Our FY 2022 budget will be presented and election results will be reported.

Conflict Management and De-escalation Strategies for Transit Staff - Presented by Ream Lazaro - May 11

Physical assaults and verbal abuse against bus drivers are growing problems in both urban and rural transit operations. Training and leadership actions have been identified as key practices in reducing a transit agency’s risk of assault incidents.  This three-hour workshop for drivers, dispatchers, trainers, supervisors, and managers will focus on risk reduction strategies and illuminate actions that relevant transit staff at every agency level can take to address the critical issue of bus driver assault. Topics will include:
•    Overview of the Challenge
•    Driver Vulnerabilities
•    De-escalation Skills
•    Training Initiatives
•    Dispatcher Responses
•    Supervisor Actions
•    Management Support

PASS Training - May 12

TAM is proud to present, in partnership with MDOT/MTA, the Community Transportation Association of America's (CTAA) Passenger Assistance Safety and Sensitivity (PASS) Train-the-Trainer Virtual Certification. This course is also valid for PASS Trainer Recertification. More information, including registration/wait list links is available at

Asset Management Workshop - May 12

It’s time for another update of the Tier II LOTS Group Transit Asset Management Plan (TAMP)! In this workshop, we will review changes between the 2020 and 2021 TAMP and discuss any feedback from LOTS. We will also discuss inventory data and review ongoing efforts to improve LOTS data quality.

Safety Management Training- May 12

Training will focus on how LOTS are tracking and reporting safety performance measures (fatalities, injuries, safety events, and system reliability) in preparation for the required 2021 update to their agency’s Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan (PTASP). The recent update to the LOTS Manual Chapter 11, “Safety, Security, and Risk Management,” will be reviewed.

Grant Development Workshop - May 19

TAM is proud to present, in partnership with MDOT/MTA, the Community Transportation Association of America's (CTAA)  Professional Transportation Grant Development virtual course. More information, including registration/wait list links is available at

Board Elections

TAM Board of Directors terms run for three years. The following terms are expiring at this General Meeting:

  • President
  • At-large Directorships (3)

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Candidates for officer positions (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) must be current at-large directors employed by Full Member TAM organizations in good standing.
  • Candidates for at-large director positions must be employed by Full Member TAM organizations in good standing.

All candidates standing for election to the Board are required to fill out and return to TAM via email ([email protected]) a completed nomination form (attached here).


The election will be conducted via electronic ballot prior to the General Meeting. Each TAM member organization will have one vote to cast for each of the open positions. Ballots will be collected and certified by Board members not currently up for election and the results will be announced during the General Meeting.