Join us for a series of virtual trainings, February 7, 15, and 23rd. February 15 and 23 sessions are free for TAM members to attend.

Registration is open for Customer Driven Service on February 7. Click here to register.

Registration is open for the Winter Series sessions on February 15 and 23. Click here to Register

Tuesday, February 7

Course: Customer Driven Service

Time: 9 AM - 1 PM

Instructor: Michael Noel

Cost to attend: $50 per attendee. This course is normally $400 per person to register, a $350 savings. There is a maximum of 25 registrants.

Description: All customers want to feel welcomed, valued and appreciated, and this holds true for the people who ride your vehicles, call to schedule rides, or simply ask for information. Providing excellent customer service involves both the skills and attitude of the individual providing the service as well as the organizational culture the person works in. Each workshop will identify what good customer service is, discuss steps on how to involve all staff, and learn ways to handle difficult customers. This program will include materials from National RTAP as well as new materials developed to help transit personnel understand why a ride matters, how a ride contributes to the quality of life for so many and tips to assist front-line employees to have more self-control when performing both a difficult and potentially dangerous job.

The workshop will also address the rebuilding of lost ridership due to the ongoing Covid pandemic one passenger at a time as well as how kindness is a strength and the best choice for de-escalation when faced with a difficult passenger.

The program will be approximately 4 hours including lecture, video, exercises, and discussion.

  • Why a Ride Matters
  • Addressing the Difficult and Dangerous challenges associated with transit services
  • Rebuilding lost ridership
  • The Keys to Customer Service – Understanding the Big picture
  • The Relationship Between Transit Operators & Dispatchers
  • Changing the Hierarchy of the Transit Organization
  • Moments of Truth
  • The Power of Generalization
  • First Impressions
  • Creating a Culture of Customer Service
  • Understanding the 7 Basic Needs of all Transit Customers
  • Why Morale Matters
  • Customer Service Breakdowns
  • Defusing Conflict
  • The Effects of Stress on Customer Service
  • Kindness When Dealing with a Difficult Passenger as a De-escalation Skill
  • Top 10 Customer Driven Service Skills for all Employees

Wednesday, February 15

Course: Finding Alternative Funding for Transit Supportive Infrastructure Or... How to Use Other People's Money to Get What Your Riders Need

Time: 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Transit agencies have traditionally had to rely on county public works departments or the State Highway Administration to provide transit-supportive infrastructure such as bus stop improvements, sidewalk extensions, and pedestrian crosswalks. While these improvements are important to transit agencies and passengers, they tend to be a lower priority for public works departments strained to meet local needs for roadway maintenance.  With the federal transportation policy framework now oriented firmly towards equity, there are many opportunities for transit agencies to access funds for transit-supportive infrastructure in partnership with public works agencies.

Length:  90 minutes

Instrutors:   Jamie Kendrick and Albert Engel, Mead & Hunt

Thursday, February 23

Course: MDOT MTA Presented Sessions

Time: 9 AM - 12 PM

5310 Program Performance Review

As MDOT MTA gears up for the 5310 Program Performance Review process, this session will serve as a refresher course on all aspects of the performance review process.  This session is designed to prepare your organization for a smooth evaluation and successful completion of the process.

LOTS Comprehensive Review Preparation Training:

It is Comprehensive Review time.  As a recipient of federal funds, the Office of Local Transit Support must monitor and access 9 compliance areas every 3-5 years for subrecipient, AKA, the LOTS. Are you ready?

This training will provide you with the information, tools, and training to help your comprehensive review go smoothly.  We will cover the 9 areas of compliance that will be reviewed. We will discuss areas that have been findings in the past and ways you can make updates now and in the future.  We will guide you thru the process in the desk review, pre-meeting preparation work, the review, and post review follow-up.

You will be confident and ready when it is your turn!!!