TAM has prepared a member survey to assist us in developing our legislative priorities and agenda for 2022. You can access the survey here: https://www.taminc.org/government-affairs-survey

2022 Legislative Priorities

The Transportation Association of Maryland (TAM) has identified three priority issues that we will support during the 2022 session of the Maryland General Assembly.

  1. TRANSIT FUNDING REFORM: Increased demand for services, particularly in the non-emergency medical transportation field, has combined with over a decade of stagnant or decreasing State funding support for community transportation. Without the means to account for even modest inflation rates, our members are being fiscally constrained in their ability to maintain essential trips like doctor’s visits, dialysis appointments , and senior center visits. This dynamic is coupled with a well-documented increased demand for services from the elderly and disabled community. Without additional funding, many current services could be reduced or eliminated, especially as our members face the current driver shortage. TAM is seeking sustainable increases to the Statewide Specialized Transportation Assistance Program (SSTAP) as well as the return of State matches for Operating and Capital funds.
  2. SENIOR RIDES: The Senior Rides Program is a critical lifeline to thousands of low-and-moderate income seniors, allowing them to live community-centered lives and avoid expensive emergency room visits and nursing home institutionalization. Funding for this program is flat for over seven years, despite the over 60 population being the fastest growing segment in the state. TAM is requesting increased funding sufficient to fully fund an expansion of these programs.
  3. DRIVER ASSAULT PROTECTION: Driver assault is a growing problem for many transit agencies. Transit operators lack the special protection extended to other public servants, including law enforcement officers, firefighters, and responders. TAM understands that transit worker assaults are not only a danger to workers, but to the riding public, who are also placed in harm’s way when such incidents occur. In this era of driver shortages, it is critical that community transportation offer both safety and security along with competitive pay. We support enhanced penalties  to deter attacks against transit drivers.

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