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Transit Asset Management & Risk Management Workshops
Presented by MDOT MTA



ADA Getting Back to Basics
Presented by Jill Nagy of Nagy Law Offices 

An overview of ADA requirements for providers of transportation services.  The class includes an overview of providing the ADA service, eligibility determinations, necessary policies and procedures for fulfilling transportation ADA obligations and discussion of operational requirements for providing compliant shared ride service.



Maryland JARC (Jobs Access Reverse Commute) Grant Application Workshop
Presented by Nancy Huggins, MDOT MTA

The Maryland Jobs Access Reverse Commute (MD-JARC) grant program is modeled after the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grant program, Jobs Access Reverse Commute (JARF). By using transportation services, this program is designed to connect targeted populations with employment areas that have experienced significant growth. This session will focus on the specific information needed to apply for the grant.


 Coping with Driver Shortages
Presented by Kelly Shawn and Sean Oswald of RLS and Associates

This course features a pre-event survey:

Over the last two years, Maryland transit systems have faced considerable challenges resulting from the Covid-19 Pandemic. One of the biggest challenges remains the shortage of frontline workers. As transportation organizations are starting to slowly ramp up their services to pre-Covid levels they are finding it unfeasible to increase service levels with existing staffing - drivers.

This four-hour virtual workshop will provide participants with innovative techniques being used around the country in an effort to recruit and retain drivers during a time when individuals are apprehensive of working in a high-risk environment, where pay scales may be lower than other driving industries, and where employees are becoming more likely to leave their job than ever before.

The workshop will feature “break-out rooms” focusing on various elements of the hiring and retaining process including effective advertising of positions, developing and managing incentives and pay scales, creating a safe work environment, and recognizing the value of employees. Prior to the training workshop, a brief survey will be provided to all registered participants in an effort to gain a true understanding of their unique challenges.