Nominations were accepted in the following categories:

  • Outstanding Transit System
  • Outstanding Community Agency
  • Driver of the Year
  • Outstanding Leadership
  • Unsung Transit Employee
  • NEW: COVID-19 Essential Award & COVID-19 Innovation Award

TAM’s 2020 Annual Awards Ceremony took place Wednesday, September 16, honoring the following organizations and individuals:


Driver of the Year: Tim Noon, Ocean City Transportation



Courteous, friendly attitude, very good with people, and excels in getting along with others…these are just a few of the ways Tim Noon is described by his passengers, co-workers and supervisors.  He puts forth the maximum effort in his job and is truly dedicated.  This driver is described as the ultimate service driver and a true asset to public transportation.   


Unsung Transit Employee: Michael Miller, Montgomery County Transit Ride On



Michael Miller managed the Silver Spring depot team that cleaned and prepped the buses for operations for Montgomery County Transit Ride On.  During the early days of COVID-19, Mr. Miller reported to work and stayed on the front lines to keep his team going and the buses moving. He never wavered, until his sickness became too much for him.  His diagnosis of being infected with the COVID-19 virus was confirmed to Montgomery County on April 7 and unfortunately Mr. Miller passed away on April 15, 2020, becoming the first Montgomery County government employee to lose to his life to the disease.  Michael Miller is a true unsung hero that will be greatly missed in the transit field. 


  Outstanding Community Agency: The BWI Partnership, Inc.



The BWI Partnership, Inc is an award-winning non-profit organization of more than 200 businesses and agencies dedicated to strengthening the business climate and the transportation network in the Central Maryland region.  This agency was awarded a grant from the Anne Arundel Local Development Council to establish and promote the County Connector Shuttle.  This is just one of many programs this agency has spearheaded in connecting area workforce to the biggest employers in the area.    


Outstanding Transit System: Calvert County Transportation



Calvert County Transportation has been described by its riders as "the gold standard" in transportation. Their drivers and office staff pride themselves on providing quality and personable service that makes the riders fell as if they are "riding with family". From establishing new routes, to substantially increasing ridership, to an impressive reduction in accidents - Calvert County Transportation is truly leading the way in enhancing the mobility of their community.

COVID-19 Essential: Charlie Hammersmith, Allegany County Human Resources Development Commission



Charlie Hammersmith always has a smile on his face and a joke to tell.  He helps take the clients minds off their troubles during travel and some of his clients truly need that. The fact that this individual has been working 7 days a week during the whole pandemic is an act of pure selflessness.  He is a true asset to his agency, and they are incredibly grateful to have him.


COVID-19 Innovation: Jodi Glock, Harford Transit LINK



Jodi Glock spearheaded the campaign to obtain the necessary supplies to meet recommended health and safety guidelines.  Jodi’s determination for the driver’s health and safety resulted in the creation of secure barriers that are now a permanent fixture across the agencies fleet.  It took determination and outside of the box thinking to keep staff and passengers safe and healthy.  Her endeavors have forged new partnerships, opened doors for other companies and protected the well-being of her associates and the community at large. 


Outstanding Leadership: Jackie Crabtree, Washington County Community Action Council, Inc. 

Jackie Crabtree has been the director with the Washington County Community Action Council since May of 2008.  She is a team player and always communicates with her drivers exactly what she expects, and provides guidance for the drivers to be successful.  She is always a wealth of information and is always willing to host meetings and round tables for the other non-profit agencies in the area.  This individual is described as a fantastic leader because of her ethic of leading by example.