Do you have an employee whose contributions go above and beyond the call of duty? A driver whose professionalism and service are an example to all? A leader who has transformed their organization? Is your organization going above and beyond to help your passengers and serve your community? Submit a nomination for a TAM Excellence Award!

Nominations must be submitted by August 21, 2020.

Every year at our Annual Conference we recognize excellence in Maryland's transit community. Each year, the TAM Awards Committee solicits nominations from its members to determine who will be honored for making a difference in Maryland community transportation. You can submit your awards by using the online form linked here, along with any other supporting materials. Nominations are being accepted in the following categories:

  • Outstanding Transit System
  • Outstanding Community Agency
  • Driver of the Year
  • Outstanding Leadership
  • Unsung Transit Employee
  • NEW: COVID-19 Essential Award & COVID-19 Innovation Award


The award recipients are chosen by the TAM Awards Committee, which is comprised of the TAM Executive Director and TAM member representatives as selected by the chair of the Awards Committee.

The TAM Awards Committee retains the option of not designating an award recipient in any category if the quality or quantity of nominations is not adequate to satisfy the desired objectives of the award program.

All winners will be awarded a ticket to the Awards ceremony and Partnership Dinner during the TAM Conference at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club in Stevensville, MD. 


Only TAM members are eligible to submit nominations and receive awards. You can use the online form to submit both the awards and any supporting documentation (including newspaper clippings, customer testimonials, other awards received, etc.) The Outstanding Transit System award requires completion of a separate form, which can be downloaded here.


The TAM Driver of the Year Award recognizes a driver who has distinguished him or herself in a full-time driving capacity (at least 75% of their duties must be those of a transit operator) of a TAM member agency.

The TAM Outstanding Leadership Award recognizes an individual who has distinguished him or herself in an executive capacity of a member agency.

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed unprecedented strains upon our communities, our organizations, and our essential workers. Transit workers are performing on the front lines of this struggle every day, serving their communities and ensuring community access to mobility. Who is the essential person in your organization who has demonstrated their commitment to go above and beyond during this time?

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed unprecedented strains upon our communities, our organizations, and our essential workers. Every transit organization has had to find new ways of operating to cope with this situation. Who is the person in your organization who has demonstrated a unique capacity to innovate in the face of crisis?

The TAM Transit Employee Unsung Hero Award recognizes an individual who has distinguished him or herself in the past year as an exceptional staff member of a TAM member agency. 

The TAM Outstanding Community Agency Award recognizes a non-profit community transportation provider that has distinguished itself in the service it provides. Only 'community member' TAM organizations are eligible for this award. 

Organizations nominated for this award should demonstrate excellence that is evident to their employees, customers, and to their larger community. Excellent nomination applications will include information outlining improvements in safety, dependability, quality of service, innovation, growth of service, and any other outstanding quality.

For example, include:

  • Testimonials from customers describing the quality and impact of service
  • Other awards and press stories highlighting the organization
  • Data showing improved service, safety, and increased levels of service
  • An example of a program whose innovation helped to improve service

The TAM Outstanding Transit System Award honors a TAM Transit System (a full member) who has demonstrated achievement in efficiency and effectiveness.

This award will be scored on both quantitative and qualitative measures.

Quantitative Measures – will account for up to 2/3 of the total score. Nominations for this award shall include verifiable data for the most recent consecutive two-year completed fiscal year periods (and not calendar years). National Transit Database (NTD) information should be used where possible. Any other data sources should be detailed. This data must be provided on the Quantitative Measures Form provided (click here to download).

Qualitative Measures – will account for up to 1/3 of the total score. Nominations should outline specific programmatic improvements and achievements for the last three years in the following areas:

  • Safety – enhanced safety measures
  • Operations – efficiencies in operation procedures
  • Customer Service – methods of providing additional value and service to riders
  • Financial Management – effective financial controls
  • Attendance and Employee Costs – containing costs and improving absentee rates
  • Staff Development – methods for recruiting, developing and retaining staff
  • Marketing – developing effective marketing tools to retain and attract riders
  • Policy and Administration – implementing effective and productive administrative techniques
  • Community Relations – promoting positive relations and contributing to a more “livable” community


You can use the file upload button in the nomination form to submit all required documents. Your submission must include the following:

  • The Quantitative Measures Form must be completed for the most recent two completed fiscal year periods (not calendar years).
  • A narrative nomination, highlighting your organization's achievements in the areas mentioned above. This typewritten nomination can be no more than five pages long, but up to three additional pages in attachments (i.e., news articles, recommendations, other awards etc.) are allowed.