Has your agency excelled beyond expectations? Do you have a driver whose professionalism and dedication place them above their peers? Do you have an unsung hero in your office worthy of recognition? Is your new marketing program succeeding beyond your hopes?

If so, submit a nomination for our 2022 Annual Excellence Awards! Nominations are only accepted from TAM members. Nominations can be submitted online at https://www.taminc.org/2023awards by August 28, 2023.

Nominations are accepted in the following categories (click each category to view the score sheet used by our committee):

The TAM Outstanding Transit System Award honors a TAM Transit System (a Full Member) who has demonstrated achievement in efficiency and effectiveness.

Nominations should outline specific programmatic improvements and achievements for the last fiscal year (July 1 2021 - June 30 2022) in the following areas:

  • Safety – enhanced safety measures
  • Performance – Passenger trips, service miles, vehicles operated in maximum service
  • Operations – efficiencies in operation procedures
  • Customer Service – methods of providing additional value and service to riders
  • Financial Management – effective financial controls
  • Attendance and Employee Costs – containing costs and improving absentee rates
  • Staff Development – methods for recruiting, developing and retaining staff
  • Marketing – developing effective marketing tools to retain and attract riders
  • Policy and Administration – implementing effective and productive administrative techniques
  • Community Relations – promoting positive relations and contributing to a more “livable” community

The TAM Outstanding Non-Profit Agency Award recognizes a non-profit community transportation provider that has distinguished itself in the service it provides. Only 'Community Member' TAM organizations are eligible for this award. Using the file upload box below, send a description of your nominee's efforts and contributions made in the past fiscal year (July 1 2021 - June 30 2022)

Organizations nominated for this award should demonstrate excellence that is evident to their employees, customers, and to their larger community. Excellent nomination applications will include information outlining improvements in safety, dependability, quality of service, innovation, growth of service, and any other outstanding quality.

The TAM Driver of the Year Award recognizes a TAM member driver who has distinguished him or herself beyond the call of duty. At least 75% of their duties must be those of a transit operator.

The TAM Outstanding Leadership Award recognizes an individual who has distinguished him or herself in the past year in a position with senior managerial responsibility of a member agency. Examples would include Directors of Transportation or heads of major departments within an organization. 

The TAM Unsung Hero Award recognizes an individual who has distinguished him or herself in the past year as an exceptional staff member or volunteer of a TAM member agency. Please note that this award is not intended for drivers (who should be nominated under the Driver of the Year category) or executives (who should be nominated under the Outstanding Leadership category). 

TAM recognizes the valuable role that marketing plays in building, sustaining, and creating platforms to interact  with  our  various  audiences. Through the Marketing Excellence Award TAM recognizes the marketing and communication efforts of its members.

Elements or campaigns must have been used in whole or in part between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022.

The  campaign  must  utilize  a  marketing  mix  with  a  minimum  of  three  (3)  communication  channels that  can  be  in  any  combination  of  Owned  Media  (on  site  signage,  banners,  etc.),  Earned  Media (public  relations  efforts,  placements,  social  media,  etc.)  and  Paid  Media  (paid  digital,  television, radio,  print,  out-of-home,  etc)

Example of an integrated campaign:

  • On site banners in/on the bus or facility
  • Facebook campaign
  • radio ads