2024 Roadeo Score Sheets.pdf

Roadeo Course Measurements

NOTE: The previous list of winners was in error due to a scoring malfunction. TAM regrets the error and apologizes to James Kisner and Bruce Alexander for inadvertently leaving them off the winners podium.

Thank you all for another tremendous TAM Roadeo! Our 27th Statewide Roadeo saw champions crowned in the following categories:

1st Place (for the 5th time!): Matt Paugh, Garrett Transit Service

2nd Place: James Kisner, Garrett Transit Service

3rd Place: Bruce Alexander, Cecil Transit

Fastest Course Time: James Kisner, Garrett Transit Service

Highest Wheelchair Securement Score: Sandra Balleza, Ride With Us

Rookie of the Year: Edwin Whitehead, RTA of Central Maryland.

Many Thanks to all the drivers, volunteers, and sponsors who came together to make this event possible! Check out photos of the event at our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TAMofMD/